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About Lilian aka Headseamstress

I remembered wanting to sew all my barbie’s clothes as a kid. Having a sister as a playmate helped, and she was my “influencer” who taught me how to crochet and hand sew barbie’s fashion pieces. Moving into my late teens, I wondered where could I find vintage clothing that I’d seen in my dad’s 1970s magazines. So I sought a recommended (now retired) seamstress to help me sew self-designed and retro-inspired clothes. That eventually led me to hunt for a teacher, who would teach me how to sew. I was fortunate to have found 2 great teachers who imparted the skill of professional pattern drafting and dressmaking to me for 4 years.


About Dayglow

Started as an extension of my love for all things vintage and sewing, Dayglow continues to be personal and produced in small batches. It was never to be a run on mill label, as I only had a simple mission: to design and provide uniquely tailored clothes to ladies. We engage a team of home based sewers with lots of industrial experience to help us produce. They are paid a professional seamstress’ fees and by no means low wage workers. We pay them adequately for their skill so that they can make a decent living.

Starting 2018, Dayglow aims to reduce the amount of raw material used, starting with eliminating the need for lining where possible. We also hope to avoid the use of synthetics where possible, and at times, preferring organic cotton. Some designs will be made to order, cutting down on the need for excess stocks carried. Vintage clothing also encourages up-cycling and reduces fashion waste. The future for Dayglow is not to expand bigger or faster, but to find creative ways to make fashion more socially and environmentally responsible.