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About Story

Having its humble beginnings as a seamstress in Singapore, customising dresses for women and ladies, Dayglow Vintage has evolved to an online shop offering a wide range of vintage clothing and also started in-house indie label “DAYGLOW” with retro inspired styles for women.

Besides ready-to-wear pieces and vintage / retro fashion, Dayglow Vintage still continues to provide made-to-measure (custom make) services from time to time. Dayglow Vintage is wholly owned by Headseamstress which is registered in Singapore under business no. 53170259J.


Our Label “DAYGLOW”

Begun in 2008, “DAYGLOW” is a Singapore-based women’s ready-to-wear indie label that is inspired by past eras. Incorporating cuts that are easy to wear, it creates modern day wear from classic styles. “DAYGLOW” designs for individuals who choose to be unique: those who want freshness in their style. Therefore, each design is original and produced in limited quantities by a committed team of seamstresses and machinists.


Our Designer / Founder

The brainchild and consuming passion of Lilian, “DAYGLOW” was created to remind us of the unrefined, organic, brown sugar sweet memories of the age of innocence. Viewed through rose tinted soft focused lenses, a technicoloured world of floral prints, pleats, frills is embodied in the collections of “DAYGLOW”.

The designs are comforting, as it subtly encourages reminiscence, romantic like first love and covertly sexy like a convent school girl’s pinafore. They are about carefree barefoot trots in the grass, giddy hand held twirls and capricious laughter.